A Sentimental Visit To The Junkyard of Great Ideas

Wealth. As soon as we hear the word we all instantly consider money. That’s just natural however in addition, there are different definitions. I’m positive that you’ve heard phrases such as “a wealth of information” or perhaps a “wealth of thoughts.”

Diversification is utilized to make reference to abundance – something that’s plentiful. Hence if a person has a lot of money it’s stated that he or she is wealthy.junk yards near me

I’d like to expand on the concept of wealth. He uses the word “memory palace.” I considered that for some time now then coined my own term – “head palace”

Truly our minds could be palace – a receptacle of boundless wealth, prosperity and riches. Our heads may be junkyard – a grave site of poverty, lack and debt.

To give you some very brief and simplified summary:

All we do, all that we are and what that we have evolves out of our believing. If you fill the mind with knowledge and information that you will create ideas you could really develop into wealth.

Why then, do so lots of people fill their heads – their most fabulous source and possession – with so much rubbish and trash? They treat it as a refuse bin. They will not find information and knowledge, they wont read books or study whatever else and so they think that conventions are a waste of time.

I IMPLORE you to think of the mind such as a palace. Don’t fill it with useless crap. The planet is filled of doomsayers, nay-sayers, unbelievers, cynics and negative thinkers.

Decide now. Do you need your mind to be always a palace filled with wondrous treasure or even a junkyard full of crap? Just you can make this kind of decision.

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