Make a Cake Cutting Ceremony Fun

Everyone looks forward to the wedding cake cutting ceremony as a time of celebration and fun. So, it just makes good sense to decorate for this occasion in the same spirit. Funny wedding cake toppers are really becoming a tradition now because they add levity at a time when guests just want to relax and enjoy the cake.

The real ceremony is over and now it is time to start enjoying each others company, have a few laughs and cut the wedding cake.

Funny wedding cake toppers go hand in hand with this friendly atmosphere. They feature humorous takes on weddings, marriage and couples.

Here are a few of the top funny wedding cake toppers alabama football grooms cake

Love Pinch Cake Top – one of the funniest and most entertaining. This features a bride pinching the grooms behind while they stand at the altar.

Football Cake Topper – A groom carrying his wife and a football.

Soccer Groom – The groom dressed in soccer outfit.

Cell Phone Bride and Groom – A bride or groom on the cell phone in a wedding outfit.

Each one has a different theme to suit couples. Of course, there are many more humorous cake tops available and each one offers a unique twist on the cliche marriage. So, make yours fun by adding one to the top of your cake and give guests a laugh. It will make the day more memorable and sweet.
Most of these items are available online. See the resources below to go directly to them.

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