Setting Up Your Mouse For Counter-Strike

The purpose of this report will be to help the reader optimize his mouse to get Counter-Strike.

The two chief things which come into play when deciding which mouse to utilize for gambling are ergonomics and the number of additional switches that the mouse has. No body may well with a mouse that contorts the user’s hands in awkward methods. The second part is less obvious. Ordinarily, a person’s right hand can be used primarily for aiming/shooting, which in reality is underutilizing since all it requires is 1 finger and wrist. This guide will concentrate on how best to take advantage of those additional buttons on your mouse to maximize your gaming experience. While this guide presumes that you are using a Logitech MX518, some other mouse with multiple buttons aside from the normal mouse1/mouse2/mousewheel will do csgo ranked accounts.

The first thing to change is your mousewheel actions. As default, then scrolling the mouse wheel will rotate along with your firearms. This really is pretty useless because nobody needs to use his mouse wheel to switch to another weapon. A much more practical use for the mouse wheel would be really for jumping. You may wonder what the purpose of messing together with your mousewheel is whenever you can already jump by pressing space bar. The answer is that it is almost impossible to bunny jump while

your space bar. It is much easier to bunny jump while using your mouse wheel. Type the following commands to your own console:

Be aware that you should still leave space bar as your regular hop key. You should only use your mouse wheel to jump when you are wanting to rabbit hop.

The second thing to do is always to produce your nades easily reachable. Suffering throughout your nades menu by repeatedly pressing ‘4’ is definitely a frustrating and time intensive process, particularly if you have multiple enemies running you and you desperately need to pullout this flash straight away. Luckily, you can skip this step and pick instantly that grenade you by simply pressing a button on your mouse. The ideal way is always to assign a separate button on your mouse to each sort of nade. Which button is delegated to that nade is only based on personal preference. To set up this, type these controls to your own console:

Bind “mouse3” “utilize weapon_hegrenade”

Which button you use for every kind of grenade is totally up to you personally and will not make much of a difference. A various shared setup will be to not utilize mouse3 whatsoever and to bind HE nades and flashes to mouse4 and mouse5, respectively, since most of times when you throw a smoke, then you are in a secure area and thus aren’t in a rush to throw it. I recommend that you try various setups and stay with the one you just like the most.

If your mouse isn’t a mx518 and it’s more buttons, then I really don’t recommend that you replicate anything to them. CS/CSS is really a casino game where anyone can possibly be around every corner, and so you always need to have your index finger over the trigger.

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