Tea Traditions

Tea, when the drink of Chinese royals, has dispersed now to most areas of the world. Along with its spread throughout the world, the methods of brewing and production have also undergone a sea change. Each region of the world has tea traditions unique to these, may it be the brewing of tea or even its production. With the maturation of unique customs and customs associated with tea, various unique varieties of tea also have been discovered. Why don’t we then take a look at some of the tea traditions in Asia, the birthplace of tea. It would be wise to look at the tea customs of the two main tea consuming and producing nations of earth, China and India. Let’s start with China, where tea has been tea powder,

China Tea

Chinese culture puts a high value to the ingestion of tea, particularly at any social gathering. Tea could be located in nearly every area in China. Tea houses, places who specialize in making various assortments of tea and snacks to be consumed with tea, are scattered across the country, more so from the cities. From late day, when people start appearing out of work, till late in the nighttime these places are filled with individuals.

All through Chinese history that the creation of tea has evolved greatly. It started of with the compacted tea bricks found throughout the Tang Dynasty. Later, during the Song Dynasty, tea was found as a nice whitish powder. This was the period when a terrific development took place in the creation of White Tea. The tradition of making a cup of tea from loose leaf tea took place inside the fourteenth century during the Ming Dynasty whenever a royal proclamation was issued to say that tea could be considered tribute as long as given from the loose leaf form. The majority of the contemporary methods of tea production developed during the Qing Dynasty at the eighteenth centuryToday, in modern China, tea in still prepared on special occasions to help make the day memorable. It’s employed to show respect to seniors from the younger generation.

Tea is utilized in just about any family gathering, especially on Sundays when the whole family will get together after having a week of hard work. Tea can also be utilised as a indication of apology. That is accomplished by means of a individual hanging tea out to whom he wants to apologize. Last, the Chinese also function to split the exquisite flavors of the tea they’ve brewed and to share with you their peace of mind.

India Tea

In India, which is the largest manufacturer of tea, tea customs have remained exactly the same since tea was introduced into the nineteenth century by the British East India Company. This tea is famous all across the country like breakfast and evening beverage. The very widely used process of brewing tea is by boiling the tea leaves alongside milk and sugar. Thousands across tens of 1000s of roadside stalls over the country, this is known as masala chai. The tea served in high society gatherings is generally aromatic.

Most Indian tea is Black Tea. The priciest variety is the Darjeeling tea and is known for the light color and lovely odor. Assam tea is dark and it has a powerful taste. Nilgiri tea can be dark and it’s a number of tea that is highly flavored.

In India, it is the cultural clinic to offer tea and also perhaps not alcoholic drinks to visitors. Actually tea is indeed common in India that it is described as Chai-Pani, which literally means tea and water, but is used to mean tips, salaries and even bribery!

However, there are no stopping if one got into the tea customs of each country, so important and honored would be this drink!

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