Marrakech to the Sahara – From Bustling Souks to the Tranquility of Desert Dunes

Morocco’s pure splendor spans from a Mediterranean coastline within the North via scenic mountain landscapes into the empty wilderness of the Sahara in the South; now it is a nation that amuses and motivates me using its contrasts, colour and abundant cultural heritage.

Marrakech could be the ideal destination for a initiate a multifunctional adventure.

Explore the vibrant souk of Marrakech exactly where each trade has its personal location e.g. the metal quarter where pleased artisans craft things since their forefathers did hundreds of years before them the dyers quarter where colourful skeins of yarn drying at the sunlight that flows into the narrow paths; the carpet spike where home-crafted Moroccan carpets hang just such as paintings that are mythical; the jewelry quarter where glass-fronted windows glow with 18ct stone.

Discover the sounds and sights of all Marrakech’s Djemaa El Fna, among the Best squares in Africa and also a UNESCO World Heritage website. From the day you will notice tooth-pullers, snake charmers, water-sellers, story tellers and scribes. Through the night the square attaches into some festival atmosphere when a multitude of foods stalls are wheeled in by the alleyways; both their tables and benches illuminated by lamp light and wreathed from the smoke of 1 billion Berber Barbeques Morocco Imperial Cities and Desert Tours.

By Marrakech, traveling along large mountain passes & combined verdant gorge oases; throughout Berber villages & handed one thousand kasbahs to see the sun set across the slowly shifting sands of the Sahara. Benefit from the highlights of the journey throughout the Berber Heartlands of Morocco:

The World Heritage Site of Ait Benhaddou, a Enormous cluster of historical ksours (dwellings) and grain stores which stand on a dim shaft of rock above a reed-strewn river

The partially renovated Kasbah Taourirt in Ouarzazate;

Even the Todra Gorge, the highest gorge in Morocco using 300m sheer cliffs. In summer the skillet palms are hefty with dates provided for sale, in hand-woven hand baskets, by Berber kids;

The magnificent Erg Chebbi Merzouga desert deserts.

Camel trekking in Morocco is, for so all the highlight in their Tour of Morocco. Simply take a camel ride into the Erg Chebbi desert dunes to see the sun place around this amazing sandscape or camel dip furtherinto a desert refuge, also spend the night at a nomad tented desert bivouac set amongst the trees. The desert oases are a favorite destination and, after dinner, camel manuals create a joyous atmosphere by drumming and singing traditional Berber songs.

If one night in the desert isn’t long, walk out of this ‘universe as you know that it’ and ramble from the Sahara with your buff and a nomad guidebook. I have carried out two lengthy treks and I remember using one particular event, once we stopped for lunch using way of a properly in a small oasis, looking across the glistening black desert (hammada) and seeing hundreds of camels walking. I watched hours since minutes of water were increased, bucket-by-bucket, and brown furry bellies visibly enlarged to adapt the huge quantity of liquid required to continue until the following watering hole. This had been clearly one of the moments in life when time ceases and also that the moment is encompassing.

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